here’s how the story goes …


ummmmm, okay. before you judge please hear me out. last week was picture day at the boys’ school. a note was sent home saying that sibling photos and the younger groups would be taken on tuesday and the older groups would be on wednesday. alex and max are in the three-year class, making them in the older group. BUT since they are siblings, they would be tuesday instead.

or so i thought.

tuesday morning i dressed the boys in their “shredded” jeans (they have a patch at the knee), rolled up, their blue wellies, a crisp white t-shirt and a super cute red and white striped hoodie. they fought tooth and nail—but after a few rounds of chase, a few meltdowns, and a victory dance by me, i got them into the car and on the way.

around 3 o’clock that afternoon, i got an email reminder from the school that alex and max would be having their picture taken the next day. huh?

i called and they explained that sibling tuesday was only for older kids with a younger sibling. and since alex and max were the same age, they were getting their pictures taken on day two.


there was no way i was going to be able to convince them to wear the same outfit that they didn’t like the first time two days in a row.

and with nothing else cute enough for pictures at the ready i decided to let them wear the superhero capes and t-shirts i made them for halloween. they were DELIGHTED. and the photographer apparently got a kick out of it, too. FUN, right?

strike a pose, maxie!


who’s super?? alex is!


who else? mighty max!


and super over the shoulder. love.


love, love, love my super boys!



2 thoughts on “here’s how the story goes …

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. It is seriously my dream to have little boys who wear superhero capes around town for no reason at all. I LOVE these pictures!! Thank you for sharing!

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