i spy.


something is different in the boys’ rooms. can you guess what it is??


5 thoughts on “i spy.

  1. not the airplane and not the bell. both of those have been on the blog before. give up?new plaid quilts!yes, they probably look familiar. we had the same pattern in the toddler size. i decided to get them again, twin size this time, for a few reasons. 1. the light grey and white henley striped duvet covers santa brought just didn’t seem all that cheerful. i wanted to love them. but they seemed too old for my three year olds. 2. i really loved the madras plaid in their toddler room and just missed it. 3. with all the bloody noses, i was fearful the duvet covers would get ruined. and they were expensive (so santa tells me).so i decided to call a spade a spade and admit they were a mistake. i folded them up neatly and put them in the linen closet for a day when the boys are a bit older.and i love the cheerfulness of their new (old) look. hello old friend! how i missed you.now, i just need to find some fun sheets!

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