the boys have a new baby cousin … brick!

he is robbie and katie’s new puppy. brick is a golden doodle, which is super fitting. the “br” comes from katie’s doggie growing up (a poodle called bridget) and the “ick” comes from robbie’s beloved golden retriever (nick). br-ick. brick! perfect! they brought the little nugget over to meet the boys tonight. alex did great. he played {mostly} nice and gentle—even got brick to chase him around the house.


max was frightened, but slowly built up the courage to pet brick one time before it was time for brick to go. i so hope getting to grow up with brick will help max get over his fears. i mean, really. how could anyone be scared of this little cutiepie??


welcome to the family, brick! we all love you so much (even maxie!)

ps—it made my heart swell up to have a pup in the house again. eddie spaghetti, i miss you buddy!!




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