strawberry fields forever.


we drove out to a place called washington farms strawberry patch this morning, about an hour away from home, to go “hunting for strawberries.”

the boys had a wonderful time!


someone had suggested wearing galoshes, so we did. and a good thing, too!


see that mud? yuck!


after about 45 minutes, max had had enough. it was windy and misty and downright chilly, so we headed in to buy our berries. normally they charge you $10 per five-gallon bucket plus a dollar if you want to keep the buckets. so that should have been $22. but when the guy peered into our buckets, he laughed and charged us only $4.


at least i won’t have a bunch of berries sitting around going bad, right?

we’ll definitely go hunting for strawberries again sometime—when the skies are sunny and the weather is warmer!! oh! and the highlight of the trip? i ran into my dear friend karen way out there. how random and fun is that?!?

now we are waiting for ceecee and pompa to come over so i can work the afternoon covers. they boys were off from school, but i was not off from work. thankfully i was able to take the morning to have a little fun.

have a great good friday and happy easter everyone!


4 thoughts on “strawberry fields forever.

  1. So funny! Looking at the pictures I was wondering if they went ‘picking’ or if they went ‘walking’… saw the last couple of pictures and pretty much got my answer!

  2. love those jackets, holly–where are those from??? i was thinking of taking mine strawberry picking, too-let you know if we collect more or not! 🙂

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