beach bound!

we are packing up and hitting the beach this week for a much-needed vacation. since the boys aren’t likely to just sit around and soak up the sun, i made a few activities for us to do while we are there. the first is a “beach walk” board.


it’s a piece of black mounting board wrapped in craft paper. on it i wrote beach walk 2012 and at the bottom is a list of the things the boys hope to find while we are there. when we find each thing, we will glue it to the board. fun! so what’s on their list?

a shark’s tooth
a white shell
an eagle feather
a star fish
a seagull feather
some seaglass
and a family picture from the trip (i added that one).

so is there anything else we should look for? did we forget something cool?

while we were making our list, the boys said they wanted to find a shell for everyone in their class. great! more to do! so i took the little bag that a set of twin bed sheets came in and wrote on it. now it’s somehow special for collecting shells.


fun, right? and with 26 to find, that should keep us busy a while!!

we hope you have a great week while we’re gone!! we’ll be back next week hopefully with a full board to share, nice tan skin, and a refreshed outlook. until then!


4 thoughts on “beach bound!

  1. I don’t know if you can still find them, but we used to collect sand dollars. If you are lucky enough to find more than one, you can break one open to find the "little seagulls" inside. I honestly don’t remember what they are, I think it is just part of the inside structure, but they really look like tiny birds.

  2. Can I ask where you found the black mounting board? Love this idea and plan on doing something similar for our trip this weekend! To cute. Hope the boys had a wonderful 4th Birthday. Looks like they had a blast at their party!

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