day trippers.


one of the days we were at the beach, the tripper allens took a little jaunt down the coast to rosemary beach and seaside so the boys could get their ride on. doesn’t rosemary beach look like a little european village? so cute!



rosemary and seaside are fabulous for so many reasons, but the one i like most is that they are so kid-friendly. they have squares and arcs and non-busy streets that bring you back to a simpler time where kids can roam, ride their bikes and just be carefree. two thumbs up for sure!

after riding around rosemary, we hopped back in the car and drove over to seaside for lunch (pizza) and ice cream. one of us had a small meltdown outside the ice cream shoppe.


look at that pouty face. nothing a little ice cream didn’t cure!


the boys rode their bikes for a long time—enjoying the bumpy cobblestones and even going down a few steps!! thrillseekers, i tell ya! (see bottom of this post.)


speed. i. am. speed.


can’t you just hear him ringing his little bike bell?


so happy.


mr. cool. (he looks like a motorcycle cop, doesn’t he? the toddler remake of c.h.i.p.s!)


fun fact: both alex and max called their sunglasses shades” the entire time. mom, have you seen my shades?wait, i need to put my shades on. nerds.

i loved our little day trip. we packed in so much—riding bikes through two different towns, eating pizzas on a breezy deck overlooking the emerald coast, slurping down gelatto from the ice cream shoppe, doing a little shopping. aside from that pout seen above, it was pretty much a perfect day. and the boys fell fast asleep on the way home (before we’d even backed out of our parking spot, actually), so tripper and i had time to talk and laugh without having to shout over the dvd player. yay! it’s the little things, right??







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