beach walk 2012.

remember this board i made before our trip?


well, we filled ‘er up! i must say this was one of my more clever ideas (adapted from this—credit where credit is due, right?). having this board along with us gave us little mini adventures all week long. we hunted shells …


found driftwood and seagull feathers …


a bottle cap (alex insists it fell off a pirate’s ship) and a jelly bean …


and two of the greatest beach finds ever! sand dollars (we actually did find one exactly like this, but it got crushed in tripper’s pocket, so these were purchased by mamalin and papa ger’ and carefully placed on the sand for two eager sand dollar hunters to find them …


and sharks teeth! also purchased ahead of a hunt by mamalin and papa ger’—shhhhh, don’t tell the boys!! they were so very, VERY excited to find them.


i put them in little bags and glued the bags instead of the actual teeth in case the boys wanted to be able to hold them later.

want to see the end result? you know i’m going to show you anyway. 😉


ta-da! our beach walk 2012 board. the boys love it. i probably love it more. not sure what we’re going to do with it now, but it sure was fun to make. and it provided lots of focused entertainment and a cute photo op—here is alex coming to surprise me with one of the biggest shells we found on the beach. how cute is he, hands behind back and all?


anyway, if you are heading to the beach with the preschool set, i highly recommend doing something like this. lots of fun for everyone! and just to recap, here was our original list of things to find with the things we did crossed off (who likes crossing things off a list as much as me? raise your hand!) …

a shark’s tooth
a white shell
an eagle feather
a star fish
a seagull feather
some seaglass
and a family picture from the trip (i added that one). ** will be adding this later!

so, three things missing. maybe next time we’ll get lucky!!


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