still loopy.

i have some more progress pictures of the boys’ new/old/new-again room.

view from the entry door:


diagonally across—view from the closet door:


view from the bathroom door:


and diagonally across—view from the giraffe:


the off-centered windows are still making me crazy, but i think the rest of the room is coming along. i hung the picture ledges this morning and am super happy with those. they only stick out like two inches, so they didn’t encroach on walking space.

the three frames on the floor i think are going to go up on that wall they’re leaning against. still trying to decide. if so, they’ll have fun screenprinted prints in them, like the bunny puppet.

still trying to decide whether both dressers should stay. it looks cute in person, but a little crowded in the photos. i have until tomorrow to decide—that’s when pompa is coming over to re-anchor all the furniture to the walls.

right now the frontrunners for what to do with the unbalanced wall are …

1. a sliding barn door in a fun color (yellow?) on tracks that go all the way across. the resting position of the door would be the far left side and it would be wide enough to cover the molding on the left side of the window. this would give the illusion that the window continues behind the door and wouldn’t block any of the natural light. thanks, tripper, for the idea!

2. fake a window. and behind it put a large photograph of what you can see out the other windows. thanks to kristi for that idea! (i wonder if we could even put a monster or a dinosaur or buzz and woody peeking in from the “outside” if we go this route. time to get creative!)

soooo, any other ideas floating around out there? i submitted the room to apartment therapy. maybe they’ll post it and we can crowdsource a solution!! fingers crossed!



One thought on “still loopy.

  1. Have you looked at Pottery Barn kids shared spaces? This may be a bit wacky, but fun – you can put the 2 headboards together at the corner. Then (since you are talking about some kind of construction anyway) build a platform in the empty space for an elevated play area (like a little fort) and have a secret hidden storage underneath. You could even hang a cornice board with curtains to make it more "tent-like". Or you could sacrafice the headboards for a couple of years and put the beds head to head in the corner with a table in the empty space. Then the windows won’t look off-center b/c the room will be weighted in the corner and should look more open.

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