happy mother’s day … to me!

the boys came home yesterday wildly waving their “stories” at me.


how awesome that alex thinks i weigh only 40 pounds! looks like i should whisk alex off to nashville in an airplane for that kind remark!! i love that he knows i love to buy furniture! and, oh? that i don’t like any chores? not so, sir alex. i like making up your cute beds every morning.


hmmm. max thinks i don’t like to clean either? i swear i do it—and i don’t complain!! it’s the boys who don’t like picking up! yes, i do like moves like jagger—mostly when the boys are singing it. bacon is a favorite, too. and i guess when max “rests his bumbum” i like it, whatever that means!

thank you for these, boys. i will treasure them for always. xoxo.


3 thoughts on “happy mother’s day … to me!

  1. LOVE these! And, you DO like to buy furniture and who really *likes* to clean? If you take Alex to Nashville, let me know, I would totally drive the few hours to come up and meet your boys Miss you, but love your blog!!

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