garage, yard, rummage, tent, pop-up SALE … and a little reorg.

when we moved into our house i dreamed of being able to have a yard sale. or a garage sale. or a rummage sale. or whatever it is you like to call it. i wanted to be able to put a price tag on my once-loved stuff and sell it to other people. after living in a condo/apartment my whole adult life, a yard sale seemed like one of those perfectly perfect perks that comes with single-family-homeownership.

but it was not meant to be.

our neighborhood has rules. and while i like them most of the time, this was one rule i wouldn’t have minded breaking.

two weeks ago i got an email that immediately brought a smile to my face. our neighborhood association has agreed to let us have a yard sale. WOW! and all you need to participate in the neighborhood-wide event is a balloon on your mailbox and some stuff to sell. hooray! hooray! mark your calendars—it’s set for august 18.

knowing what life is like with the boys, i decided to start tackling “the great clean out” sooner rather than later. i knew if i waited until just a few days before the sale something would come up and i’d either not get done or be up all night the night before. and then i’d be mad at myself. so i’ve been working room by room and i’m happy to report that i have made a great deal of progress.

so far i have gone through all the kitchen drawers and cabinets, the boys’ room, the extra room and it’s once very full closet, the linen closet and the big storage closet upstairs. i still have to tackle our room, my closet, the coat closet downstairs and the playroom. it feels great to have gathered up and priced so much stuff. well, except for this …


this is the current state of my dining room. YIKES, right? i started putting things here so they’d be out of the way. but the things are kind of taking over. whoops! ah, well. only two more weeks and it’ll all *hopefully* be gone! 🙂

this opportunity to purge has been a great chance to turn the extra room back into a guest room, this time serving double duty as a home office. this room has been many things since we’ve lived here—when we moved in it was a great place to put all the things we didn’t know what to do with. it then turned into a guest room with a full-size bed, followed by a guest room with a queen bed and then alex’s room with a twin bed. a few months ago when the boys decided they’d like to share a room again, the extra room became empty. and it’s sat empty while we’ve tried to figure out what to do with it.

because we don’t know if the boys will want their own rooms again, we didn’t want to spend a fortune redoing it—not after we just gave all the previous guest room furniture away. so we decided on a twin bed and a desk. everything else in there would have to be stuff we already had. that was the deal.

i bought a twin mattress and boxspring last week and just ordered the desk (excitedly awaiting its arrival in the next week). everything else we had elsewhere in the house. to help myself get organized, i made a little idea board for the room.


the light gray dots are items we already owned, shopped from elsewhere in the house. the charcoal dots are things i have just purchased. the one black dot is an item i hope to buy—hopefully with the proceeds from the yard sale. oh wouldn’t it be nice?? here’s a little breakdown …

1. mad men fantasty floorplan print. i had purchased this for tripper from a daily deal Fab sale a while back. i thought it would be cool in his office at work. but now that we are getting a proper desk at home, i took it back and framed it myself to hang over the work station. it’s matted in navy blue. the frame is basic white from michael’s. gotta love those 50% off coupons!

2. architect’s desk lamp. a new purchase specifically for this room from target. it was on sale and i got another 5% discount for using my target debit card. yay!

3. anthropologie rose knobs. i’ve had these in my craft drawer for ages. seriously, like 6 or 7 years now. i was going to use them in a painting and never got around to it. i think they’ll be lovely replacements for the sweet animal knobs currently on the …

4. old white painted dresser that my dad refinished for the boys’ nursery. it’s nice to have that out of the closet and back in the open again. it’s special to me, from a sweet time in our lives. and to think, we almost tossed it out!

5. atmosphere blue paint already on the walls.

6. gallery wall of ikea ribba frames, already owned.

7. home decorators collection parsons desk in white. this is one of the new purchases i made for the room. i got 15% off for having it shipped to the store. i hope to pick it up next week!

8. leather desk chair from west elm. ours is so old it’s no longer on the site but it looks similar to the one pictured without arms.

9. nurseryworks sleepytime rocker in apple green. this came from the boys’ nursery. it was a huge splurge for us back then so i wanted to make it work again. it set the tone for the new color palette in the room—apple green, white and navy blue.

10. navy and white striped sheet set from target. i grabbed these on sale for $!5.99 (!!) plus my 5% discount. also grabbed two extra pillow cases. this purchase was specifically for the room.

11. apple green fleece blanket from target, bought for the room. it was the perfect green at the perfect price—$12 plus 5% off.

12. ballard claudette headboard in brown finish. i snagged this out of the hall closet. when these headboards (yes, i have two of them—a find from the ballard outlet store) didn’t work in the boys’ new shared room, i couldn’t bare to part with them. so i stashed them in the hall closet. one still lives in there, the other is now our lovely new guest bed head.

13. henley stripe duvet cover in dove from rh baby & child. i shopped the linen closet for this. it was intended for the boys’ big boy rooms, but after setting them all up last christmas, they just seemed too old. works great in the guest room though. i love when a “mistake” turns out to be great afterall.

14. navy blue cable knit blanket. from target a few years ago. no link, sorry!

15. crate and barrel olin grey rug. i have yet to buy this. i hope to soon. i think it will add just the right layered look to our basic berber carpet.

16. green and white polka dotted grosgrain ribbon. i always have spools of this on hand. i pick up a few rolls every time i hit up hobby lobby, which has the best prices/selection for ribbon.

17. 3-cube bench from land of nod. we bought this for the boys’ nursery way back in the day. i rescued it from the hall closet.

18. storage bins from the rh baby & child outlet store. we got these for the boys’ separate rooms.

and finally

19. b. braithwaite signature teddy bear, already owned.

whew! still with me??

so that was my plan. want to see it in action, cuz i can’t wait to show you. ta-da!



doesn’t the bed look cute? i’m thinking of putting the grid of ikea frames over the blank wall next to the side of the bed. still trying to decide on that.

and here’s the other side of the room. this is the unfinished side. the new desk will replace the tiny desk that’s currently there. the tiny desk will be for sale in our yard on august 18. 😉 the grid of frames will move off that wall over to the wall by the bed. or into another room and the floorplan print will go in that space instead. you can see it on the floor in front of the dresser.


the airplane also needs to come down. that’s leftover from when it was alex’s room. so there it is. progress. all because we get to have a yard sale. yay!

and since i was up there taking pictures, i took a few of the boys’ room, which is coming along. the red dressers are not that bright in person. at least i hope not.


i need to find a place for that seond plane in here somewhere. and there is something new in their room. can you guess? more on that tomorrow—i’ve become tired from writing this post. labeling and linking up that mood board was a lot of work—not sure how all my favorite design blogs do it so often. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



7 thoughts on “garage, yard, rummage, tent, pop-up SALE … and a little reorg.

  1. Hey Holly! Are you selling the kids black table with chairs? How much? I would love to get that! I would also love to come to your neighborhood’s garage sale, looks like a great one! Could you email me the directions to your neighborhood? Thanks!!

  2. I am in love with your boys room! I’ve got that same PBK madras in a shower curtain and my son has the same sheets on his bed. Would you mind sharing the blue wall paint color?

  3. stacee—i am selling that set. not sure of price yet—thinking somewhere around $40 for all five pieces. let me know if you’re interested and i can put a reserved sign on it for you. (how official sounding!) let me know your email and i’ll send directions. i got an error when i clicked on your name. thanks!

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