one man’s trash …

we had our neighborhood yard sale on saturday—and i’m just now recovering!! i was up until after midnight the night before and got up at 5am to pull everything out of the garage and into the driveway. even though the sale didn’t start until 8am and we had a “no early birds” sign front and center, our first buyer appeared at 6:45am. i’m not even sure if the sun was out yet!! my parents showed up to help around 7:30 and we were on our feet and busy, busy until 4pm when the donation truck took away all the leftovers. i never even got out of my pajamas! yipes!

we made quite a bit of money, which is already earmarked for a house project that i’ll fill you in on later—and we cleared out a great amount of old stuff. total success!!

the only bad thing was that we were so busy i wasn’t able to shop at any of the other 30+ sales going on around the corner. but don’t fret … i was still able to pick up two amazing pieces the night before. i traded some art and some toys for this …


lovely, right? it’s a tray table from bungalow. fancy!! i’ve had my eye out for a bar cart. this should do just the trick. i don’t even have to do anything to it—and it was technically free!

i also traded a few tchotchkes for this little end table.


i was thinking with a little refinishing it could be great next to the new guest bed, right? and it was also technically free!

hooray!! i love a good deal! and i also love that i didn’t spend all my yard sale money the day it was made. instead i’m planning to spend it all on friday. stay tuned!



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