something’s missing.



after looking more like a storage room/junk shop for the past three weeks, my dining room is finally clean. yay! but now that i can actually see the floor i’ve realized something is missing. a rug.

the dining room is a large space (the table itself is 10-feet-long). area rugs that large are way out of budget. i’ve heard having a wall-to-wall remnant cut and bound can be much friendlier on the pocketbook. has anyone done that? any recommendations? any other ideas for nice floor coverings on the cheap? my outlet store luck has seemed to run out.




2 thoughts on “something’s missing.

  1. My brother owns a flooring store in Florida. They have remnants bound all the time for their customers. They have one big one in their own home too. It looks great and is definitely cheaper. They are coming up in November. If you want to pick out the kind of carpet you want and have them do it, they could bring it when they come up. I’m sure they would give you a good deal. Here’s their website:

  2. Off of 85, there is another carpet place that will bound wall to wall carpet. I will have to look for their name. Or you are so craft, what about getting a really heavy canvas and painting stripes on it?

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