mirror, mirror.


friday after i dropped the boys off at school, something happened that made me doubly excited. i followed a sign to a yard sale and there smiling really big at me was an old brass side table—with a glass top. here’s a little back story …

lately i’ve had a thing for brass. brass is big right now and i’ve wanted to try a little bit without a huge commitment. i’ve been loving mixed metals and that brass table on the side of the yard was just the thing i needed to make my metals mix. it had a little price sticker with $20 on it. i asked if they’d take $13—what i had in my wallet—and they said yes! so for a ten and three ones, that brass baby was mine all mine.

now here’s the “doubly” of the doubly excited part. the top was glass. woot! right? here’s why … about a month ago i bought some spray paint called looking glass. i’d seen a diy tutorial on how to make an antiqued mirror using a glass pane and this special spray paint. i’d intended on making a mirror to put behind the black chair in the family room, but then i found one already perfect. i’d still been itching to try the antiquing process, so this was my big chance. here’s how it went down.

after the boys were all tucked in friday night, i slipped into the garage with the table, two garbage bags, the spray paint, a spray bottle of half vinegar, half water and a soft cloth. here’s the table before (and sorry for the dark, nighttime iphone pictures).


here’s the special looking glass spray paint.


lay down the garbage bags and place the glass top on top. then apply the looking glass paint in five thin and even coats, allowing the paint to dry in between. it’s very thin, so the drying process takes all of a minute. after the fifth coat, allow the paint to set for about 10 minutes. (while mine was drying i cleaned the brass table legs with vinegar to get rid of any musty smell and old ick.) after 10 minutes, take your spray bottle with half vinegar/half water and gently mist the glass so the droplets bead up. the vinegar will start to eat away at the paint revealing tiny little spots. take your cloth and dab and twist to distress even more. stop when you’re happy with the look. lastly, take the looking glass spray and do a few more light and even coats to make sure no part of the glass is entirely see through (from the rubbing). if you do too much, repeat the distressing process.


voila! an antiqued mirrored top.


i love the look. doesn’t it seem way more expensive than it did when it was just regular old glass? i think so.


i’m so happy with my new $13 table. finally, a place for all the remotes to rest. now, i just have to make sure my boys don’t go crashing through it!!


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