how we spent our yard sale money.


see that? that’s a little bit of board & batten—in our new and improved entryway! ta-da!


but wait, there’s more. the board & batten continues around the entryway, up a few steps and into the powder room. yes! yes it does!


i never disliked our entry or our powder room, but i am in love with it now. the glossy white paint is my new best friend for two reasons. a) it covers the streaks in the paint that we simply couldn’t get rid of from the wallpaper paste that once plastered the bathroom (remember the metallic harlequin paper anyone). even with primer and several coats of matte gray paint, the streaky lines would slowly creep back. now they are covered. yay! and 2) i no longer have to deal with this …


i am no fan of smudgey, smudgey handprints all over my walls. no sir. and you can only magic erase so many times before you have to bust out the paint can. now the boys can touch all they want and all i have to do is grab a clorox wipe and swipe. hooray!

so, to recap. before:












subtle but polished. i like! we paid in cash with the money we made at our yard sale. and we still have $48 left over. maybe to use for a little bench? i’ll keep you posted. i can’t wait to find just the right new accessories. i will miss mr. octopus in the bathroom, but he has already found a new place above our master bathtub. it’s like he was meant to be there.

yay for yard sales!! yay for board & batten! yay for bacon, too!

what changes have you made lately? share with me!


2 thoughts on “how we spent our yard sale money.

  1. thanks, esther! the bathroom looks even more different now. i did a little painting this weekend—something way outside my comfort zone! pictures coming soon.

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