bush fiasco 2012: solved.

remember the gap-toothed smile our new community landscaping crew left us with late last month?


well, we took the bush hijacking opportunity to do a little change-up in our front yard. for a while now we’ve wished for more grass for the boys to play on—tripper’s fantastic idea. and this was just the fire we needed lit to get us moving.

we hired out this job since we are not really good at the green thumb stuff. four estimates and one hoa approval later the big dig began.

day one was all deconstruction. we had them rip out all the bushes in front of our front windows.


and we didn’t stop there. we also had them rip out all the landscaping we had done ourselves two octobers ago when the boys looked like this …



awww. time flies, right?

alex, who has been home sick with a fever all week, enjoyed getting some fresh air and watching the guys work. he was a total chatterbox when max got home filling him in on all the details of what was happening in our yard. he kept saying, “and at the end there will be grass for us to play on, max! GRASS!”


at the end of the first day our front yard looked like this.


on the second day the guys arrived early and started prepping the lot for sod. and jose, the main guy, had a wonderful surprise for me. see the hedges across the street in the picture with the bunnies above? he’d been tasked with ripping them out for our neighbors and thought they’d be perfect for under our window. he couldn’t guarantee them, like the new stuff, but they’d be free and should buy us some time. how nice!!

so under the windows they went. 


they are much lower than our old hedges, but also allow for maybe a flower box? anyway, i love that they are already established bushes with no gaps and that we were able to recycle them and that they were free. thumbs way up. 


alex enjoyed surveying the process of grading the dirt and prepping it for sod.


and then there was grass!


lovely, lovely grass. it really opens up the whole front of our house. and it connects to the side yard now as well, giving the boys lots of room to run and play. oh, and in case you’re wondering what we did with all the plants we ripped up? we had them replanted along the side of our house. we were able to save all but three, which were in too delicate a condition to be saved.



so, who wants to come over and run around the yard? we’ll wait until alex’s fever is gone, naturally. he’s on day three now (how is it only day three????) so probably two more days and we should all be back to healthy. fingers crossed!!


before and after. can’t wait to do another next spring!


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