goodnight, boys.


the boys simply won’t sleep unless they are tucked in tight under their woody and buzz blankets. don’t they look so kissable? it’s too bad they don’t just drift off after this—to dreamland … and beyond! instead i think i had to return to their room about eight times tonight. someone came untucked. someone was thirsty for water. someone needed to go poopie. someone wanted the light on. someone wanted the light off. someone needed to tell me that if there’s a fire we should stop, drop and roll. someone wasn’t sure if they gave me a hug.

does bedtime in a two-story house count the same as doing the stairmaster at the gym? 


One thought on “goodnight, boys.

  1. welcome to our household, too! patrick falls asleep immediately, eric does the same routine as alex and max…oh yeah…we share a room, too…

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