end-of-season soccer party!

we had a pizza party for the boys’ soccer team this afternoon—so sad to see the season end. the kiddos had a great time, and i had a great time decorating.

check out my dining room table all decked out in astroturf!


fun, right? and functional, too. i had zero worries about spills or pizza sauce getting on my table. now the chairs, yeah, i worried about those. but the kiddos were super careful—or they were too afraid of the crazy lady chasing them around with wipes to make a mess. either way, my chairs survived!



i love a house full of little friends.


i only wish i’d taken more pictures.

thanks for a great season, coach gene and coach matt! and thank you for the thoughtful awards. alex won the “most fun loving” award and max took home the “team spirit award.” yay, boys! we seriously had the best team this season. all the kids got along so well and so did the parents. fingers crossed we can keep the team together next year!


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