after and before.

it may have been quiet here on the ol’ blog, but it was super noisy at the allen house. why? feast your eyes …


in case you’ve forgotton, it looked like this a week ago …


the only thing i miss from the “before” picture is my darling eddie. rest in peace, love. otherwise it’s so clean and calm and NOT ORANGE!!


i’ve been wanting a white kitchen for three years now. and it’s finally here. and now i want new bar stools. it never ends!!


3 thoughts on “after and before.

  1. Love it. We are planning a few kitchen upgrades for this spring, and I wish for white cabinets, too {we have the same orange you used to have!}…not sure it’s in the budget, though. 😦

  2. Holly, It looks absolutely beautiful! I love the grey island accent with the white cabinets. My white island is so scuffed with "kid kicks". I wish we had gone with a color too. Congrats on the new kitchen!!!

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