master bedroom before and after.

it’s been seven months since i posted that our room needed an epic makeover. we did not win that contest, but i got motivated to do it myself. i measured twice, went out and bought supplies and then let them sit there on the floor of our bedroom for six and a half months. nice, right?

well, two weeks ago the boys had a surprise spring break. the surprise being that we didn’t know until right before that they didn’t have school. so, i took off a week and got busy. i installed board and batten behind our bed, filled holes, caulked, primed and painted. when spring break was over, i had the wall behind the bed finished and two of the other walls painted. and that’s how it sat for two weeks. not wanting to wait another seven months, i did what anyone too busy would do. i hired someone to finish the job. $80 later and i’m happy to show you our new master bedroom.



i’m so proud that i did that {mostly} by myself. i got inventive and used my noodle in ways i hadn’t in a long time.


the sheep stayed. every bed needs a sheep on it. it’s just funny.


nook shot.


and in case you forgot what it looked like before, here ya go …



of course i’m not quite finished. i want to buy an upholstered bench for under the windows. and maybe something different with the curtains. and some photos around the tv. oh, and a fiddleleaf fig. then it’ll be all finished. i’ll post again when it is.

and speaking of posting … i’ve really been missing doing the blog. my dad suggested perhaps updating weekly. i just might—once i find a new blog home. posterous is closing. sniffle. did you hear? any great blog hosting sites you know of that you’d like to share??



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