new art.

after nearly three years of searching, i found the perfect piece to hang over the bed. i’ve always struggled with that area. it makes such a statement. lately i’ve been really drawn to old portraits—you know, if you had like a captain in the family or something. well, we don’t. not that i know of, anyway. so i’ve just sort of been on the hunt for someone who might look like they belong in our family. last week while out poking around, i saw it. i bought it on the spot—paid waaaay too much—and didn’t even check in with tripper. the colors were perfect in the new room. and the square shape? perfection.

new art

what do you think? isn’t it fantastic?? if you look closely enough, you might recognize that the painting is actually bill murray, the actor. but he does sort of favor our family. also, he played a “tripper” once in the movie meatballs (anyone remember that??), so there’s that. and you really have to do a double take to realize it’s him.

anyway, i think it is perfection. i also think it’s april fool’s day! 😉 hooray for photoshop!

ps—is it bad that i actually do kinda like it?


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