all decked out.

deckuncle sam was kind to us this year, so to celebrate we built a lower deck. and when i say we, i mean our favorite new friend jud. i realize from the photo it looks a little leaning tower of pisa, but i assure you without the fisheye lens, it’s very straight and tall. jud and crew did this work in a day and a half—like 7 hours total. amazing. it would have taken me, well, never. i would never have finished it. we do have to wait six weeks to have it painted (something about the wood curing up) and we are currently on the hunt for outside furniture. anyone seen any good stuff lately?

in other news, we got a dog!! meet “fish.”


he’s a purebred italian concrete greyhound. he doesn’t bark and barely even moves. the boys love him—max isn’t even scared. good boy.


2 thoughts on “all decked out.

  1. You got me. I just yelled out “Holly got a dog!!” Oops! She is very handsome though.
    Love the deck. Check craigslist for deck furn. I’m sure you already are!

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