monday, monday.

alexAfterRidelook at that face! we upgraded the boys’ bikes for their birthday and somehow they convinced us to let them have them early. alex is still riding without training wheels, even on the bigger bike. he is so fast and so proud. he says he’s a pro.

he’s definitely a pro working that cute as a button face. he’s in his element when he’s outside. he even wanted to eat his dinner in the back yard tonight.

alexAfterRide2max, meanwhile, enjoyed his bike ride (his bike is “bad apple green”—love that!) but rushed home to get back to his toy review videos. he loves them. seriously. he studies them like he’s going to be tested and a few times i’ve actually caught him quietly but enthusiastically practicing reviews on his own toys. these two reviewers are his very favorite: and

maxReviewsmy boys. so similar yet so different.



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