coffee break.

coffeeBreakthe boys look right at home at an outdoor café, don’t they? this is actually our new favorite weekend treat—coffee for mom and dad and apple juice in coffee cups for alex and max at a fun little place in downtown roswell called roswell provisions. sure, it’s a bit of a drive for a cup of joe, but the atmosphere makes me forget i live in atlanta and lets my imagination take me to the french countryside for an hour. and you know what they say about french kids, right? that they’re better behaved? to this i will have to agree. alex and max never whine or complain or fight or fidget when we are at roswell provisions. true story.

plus, right around the corner is a little shop called home provisions full of fine french things for your house. coffee, well-behaved kiddos and shopping? yes, please!




2 thoughts on “coffee break.

  1. My two favorite things to do as well,Holly! I would love to join you one day…do you think that our four boys would behave that great all together though? Four (almost) 5-year old boys…:)

  2. I could have walked there to meet you had we never moved from our first house. Sometimes I think we should have never moved!

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