june 2013.

beach7we had a lovely june, DESPITE ALL THE RAIN. it has been so rainy. rain and rain and rain. we did manage to have a good time though. here’s what we did.

on the last day of school we picked up the boys and then drove down to the beach. surprise! best few days we’ve had in a long time.

beach1 beach2 beach3 beach4 beach5 beach6 beach8

we started swimming lessons—go jellyfish!


two of us turned five!

lego3lego1 lego2

we practiced swimming when it wasn’t raining. did i mention it rained? a lot.


yep, even though THE RAIN, june was pretty super.



2 thoughts on “june 2013.

  1. What a fun month! Happy Birthday to the boys! Awesome lego party! You must have gone to Florida – love that white sand and blue water.

  2. Looks like your June was just as fun — and just as wet — as ours was! I always love reading updates on your boys. Can you believe Alex and Max and Anna Claire and Mallory are FIVE??!!

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