for sale.

5222838_201_12yes, after four years of making this house our home, we are selling it. close friends and family already know, but tripper has decided to start his own agency. i really want this to be an exciting chapter in our lives and not a financially stressful one, so we are looking to downsize a bit for a more affordable mortgage.

to get ready for the sale, our awesome agent, holly, brought in a stager. she had only two suggestions for us—replace the carpet upstairs (thank you, alex’s nose!) and get a larger bathmat in the master bedroom. everything else she thought was perfect. in fact, she offered me a job on the spot!! ha!

once the carpet was in, we had a professional photographer come and take pictures of the house. it’s fun to see how someone else sees your home. they turned out lovely. in fact, i didn’t even recognize the boys’ bathroom!!

5222838_J01_87the rest of the images are below.

5222838_101_12 5222838_301_12 5222838_401_106 5222838_501_17 5222838_601_17 5222838_701_17 5222838_801_18 5222838_901_20 5222838_A01_20 5222838_B01_88 5222838_C01_22 5222838_D01_15 5222838_E01_15 5222838_F01_14 5222838_G01_16 5222838_H01_102 5222838_I01_103 5222838_K01_87 5222838_L01_93 5222838_M01_14 5222838_N01_108 5222838_O01_108 5222838_P01_108

the house got listed friday afternoon and we’ve had three showings so far. please keep your fingers crossed for a quick sale!! we need to sell this house and close on a new one before the end of january. small window—yipes! if all works out and we are able to sell, i will truly miss this special house. so many memories made here. but i know another adventure is just around the corner …


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