Snow 2014.


The boys love the snow!!snowBoys

They shared it. Ran in it.


Licked it.

snowMax2 Threw it.

snowAlex Ate it.

snowMaxAnd saved some for later!



corndawgs, y’all.



we took the boys to celebrate the season at a funny little place called corndawgs over the weekend. they loved it! they had everything from an open-aired bouncy house to climbable spiderwebs to a gigantic underground slide. but the favorite of the boys was the hay. yep, hay. bales of high stacked super duper high. that you could run on. and jump off. we need some in our yard.

corndawgs2 corndawgs3


they also had a rope swing with a pit of hay to fall into. they liked that, too.





one of the main reasons we went in the first place was to do the corn maze. but it was freezing and getting dark by the time we made it over to the entrance and the idea of getting totally lost in the cold and dark did not sound very appealing. so, i did what any normal person would do. i told them it was closing. i know. i know. but we’ll definitely go back. the boys had a blast!

last little bit of summer.

fall is here and it actually feels like fall. i cannot wait to start decorating for halloween and taking nightly family walks in the crisp air. but, before we do, here’s a look back at our last little bit of summer.

poolMax3 poolAlex2 poolMax poolAlex poolthe boys absolutely loved the pool this summer. they went from not being able to swim at all to little fish. now that the pool is closed for the season, we’ll have to sign them up for some indoor pool time so they don’t forget. swimming, as it turns out, is not like riding a bicycle!




nope, not the resort in florida (but that would have been nice). paints. watercolor paints. i bought some over the weekend and on sunday the boys painted and painted and painted. i love what they made.

alex knocked out three masterpieces—space, rainbows and who knows? but it’s a lovely abstract.





max spent the whole time working on one piece, space. he was very, very proud of his work.


me, too, maximoo! and alex, too. budding artists! pint-sized picassos! proud mommy for sure.

june 2013.

beach7we had a lovely june, DESPITE ALL THE RAIN. it has been so rainy. rain and rain and rain. we did manage to have a good time though. here’s what we did.

on the last day of school we picked up the boys and then drove down to the beach. surprise! best few days we’ve had in a long time.

beach1 beach2 beach3 beach4 beach5 beach6 beach8

we started swimming lessons—go jellyfish!


two of us turned five!

lego3lego1 lego2

we practiced swimming when it wasn’t raining. did i mention it rained? a lot.


yep, even though THE RAIN, june was pretty super.


synchronized surfing.

photo (3)i snuck into the boys’ room to check on them—they were being so quiet, the scary kind—and this is what i found. they’re almost mirror images of each other. weird, right? anyway, i couldn’t get mad that they weren’t asleep. they were so engrossed in what they were doing that neither even noticed the huge flash when i took the picture. i’m giving them five more minutes to play and then it’s lights out. for me, too. i’m tired tonight!