for sale.

5222838_201_12yes, after four years of making this house our home, we are selling it. close friends and family already know, but tripper has decided to start his own agency. i really want this to be an exciting chapter in our lives and not a financially stressful one, so we are looking to downsize a bit for a more affordable mortgage.

to get ready for the sale, our awesome agent, holly, brought in a stager. she had only two suggestions for us—replace the carpet upstairs (thank you, alex’s nose!) and get a larger bathmat in the master bedroom. everything else she thought was perfect. in fact, she offered me a job on the spot!! ha!

once the carpet was in, we had a professional photographer come and take pictures of the house. it’s fun to see how someone else sees your home. they turned out lovely. in fact, i didn’t even recognize the boys’ bathroom!!

5222838_J01_87the rest of the images are below.

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the house got listed friday afternoon and we’ve had three showings so far. please keep your fingers crossed for a quick sale!! we need to sell this house and close on a new one before the end of january. small window—yipes! if all works out and we are able to sell, i will truly miss this special house. so many memories made here. but i know another adventure is just around the corner …


house tour: summer 2013

a friend of mine asked me to post a house tour. like 3 weeks ago. oops! anyway, here is the current state of chez allen. progress!

the view when you walk through the front door:


the dining room view from standing by the dog statue:


the playroom from standing in the dining room:


the dining room from standing in the playroom:


the great from from standing in the dining room:


the great room from standing by the tv:


the kitchen from the great room:


more kitchen:


the stairs:


the boys’ room:


the guest room (or storage right now!):


the messy master:

masterand there we have it. the next changes we plan to make are darkening the hardwood floors, but that won’t happen until around christmas time. after that, i have laundry room plans. then we might actually be done!!

all decked out.

deckuncle sam was kind to us this year, so to celebrate we built a lower deck. and when i say we, i mean our favorite new friend jud. i realize from the photo it looks a little leaning tower of pisa, but i assure you without the fisheye lens, it’s very straight and tall. jud and crew did this work in a day and a half—like 7 hours total. amazing. it would have taken me, well, never. i would never have finished it. we do have to wait six weeks to have it painted (something about the wood curing up) and we are currently on the hunt for outside furniture. anyone seen any good stuff lately?

in other news, we got a dog!! meet “fish.”


he’s a purebred italian concrete greyhound. he doesn’t bark and barely even moves. the boys love him—max isn’t even scared. good boy.

oh captain, my captain.

i’ve been hunting high and low for little pops of yellow to sprinkle through our new bedroom. i thought these vintage captains were super cute, and since tripper has been known to sail they totally make sense in our room. plus they are funny in front of that giant octopus. don’t turn around little captains!

i can’t wait to show you the next yellow thing when it arrives. i’m very excited about it. and then i should probably be done. mellow on the yellow, if you will. oh who am i kidding?!

camp iwannadrinkawaawaa.

campingtripper took the boys on their first overnight camping trip tonight. normally i’d probably be a nervous wreck, but …

campershe only took them to the playroom. we parked their horses outside the tent—i added the bears after they were already inside. hopefully that will give them a laugh when they emerge in the morning—not that they aren’t laughing already. the house is full of giggles right now. and squeaking basketball shoes. i love how tripper pitched the tent so he can see the huge tv. well played, tripper.

as for me? i’m about to head upstairs to my bed thankyouverymuch.

sweet dreams, my campers. see you in the morning.