tripper is home!

day: 26w2d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: heavy feeling
mood: happy

tripper is home!! yay! and you should see what he brought back with him from kentucky for the twinkies!! i haven’t taken pictures yet, but will post when i do. in the meantime, think derby!!

after a bit of an upsetting morning (let’s just say the old washer and dryer are still in the living room) and a mini episode of feeling sorry for myself that i no longer have the ability to feel independent, i got to spend a really nice afternoon with my parents yesterday. my dad came over to patch up the holes from the old shelves in our laundry closet and my mum tagged along. my dad worked for hours while mum and i sat on our duffs on the couch looking at magazines and baby stuff online. it was really fun spending the day with them. i’m a lucky girl.


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